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2018 Grand Final Parties Around North America and the World

Dusty Brownlow Medal,Norm Smith and Premiership Player

Looking for an AFL Grand Final Party in your area?

You can reach all of our listings by clicking on the drop down box at the bottom of this article. (If you are reading this on the front page of our web site click to "read more" first.)

Are you hosting a party and would like to promote it?  Once again, AFANA is accepting announcements of Grand Final parties.  If you are hosting a Grand Final party and want AFANA to post it on our site, send us the details by going to: our party entry page. Plan to subscribe to the finals or GF on WatchAFL? We have special offers for individuals (10% off) and venues (50% off). Venues: be sure to contact us to find out more. We also have 15% off at Dub Pies for fans and venues.

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