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WatchAFL is offering a free trial through March 23rd. You will be able to watch all this year's NAB AFL Women's matches (except the Women's Grand Final. The free trial ends March 23rd, WGF is March 25th.) and JLT Community Series games (men's preseason) for free! (you do have to sign up with a credit card or PayPal and cancel before 11:59 PM Australia time on March 23rd or they will start charging your account). There are also Android and Apple apps in the app stores. Go to for the details. Our TV schedules page has complete schedules for WatchAFL, Fox Soccer Plus (FSP), and other networks posted now. All JLT Community Series matches will be live on FSP with repeats. The official press release is attached to the full version of this article (click on "more:" if you are reading this on the home page).

Among the points made by the formal announcement are:

  • Every match, live or on demand
  • Coverage from the beginning of the Women's season and the AFL preseason
  • All of the FOX studio shows: AFL360, On the Couch, etc.
  • Support via the WatchAFL website and apps for Android and iOS devices
  • Support for Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast for all video so that video can be sent to a nearby TV with proper support

The cost is not mentioned but appears to be essentially the same as in 2016: $149 for the season or $28 per month or $17 for one week. Three quotes are included:

FOX SPORTS CEO Patrick Delany said: “We know how passionate AFL fans are about their footy. They live and breathe the sport. That’s why we will ensure AFL fans living abroad, or travelling overseas, can watch their team, every week, along with FOX SPORTS’ award-winning AFL shows and the most loved commentary team in the business. We also recognise the growing number of AFL fans around the world. The innovative new Watch AFL service will deliver AFL to more markets, across more platforms reaching more fans than ever before.”

Robert Thomson, Chief Executive of News Corp said: “This is a moment to cherish for the proselytising of a great sport globally and for distant football tragics. I look forward to watching Essendon’s renaissance in the coming season wherever I happen to be in the world.”

AFL Chief Executive Officer Gillon McLachlan said: “The AFL and our partners FOX SPORTS are thrilled that all games and Fox Footy shows will be available to our fans who live or are travelling overseas. All our games live and on-demand, including the Toyota AFL Premiership Season and Finals Series, NAB AFLW and JLT Community Series, plus all the favourites that fans get to watch in Australia like AFL 360, On the Couch and other great FOX SPORTS programming will now be available for the first time in the new offering. The AFL is delighted to have such a great partner for our international rights and believe this is a great step for our fans outside Australia.”

AFANA has updated the TV info and schedule pages accordingly and further details will continue to be added there.



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Re: Free Trial of Watch AFL

It should be noted that control of WatchAFL has passed to FOX Sports, which may help with the site's reliability.

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Re: Free Trial of Watch AFL

Thanks for that reminder. It is noted on our TV schedules and info pages but was overlooked here. We'll see how much difference it makes.

AFANA Site Admin

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Re: Free Trial of Watch AFL

 Well...Double Disaster today...Firstly, the new Watch Footy site would not accept ANY of my log in info that I have used for years...So..I came here to AFANA to see if anyone else was having similar..Then..AFANA refused to accept my log in details which I have used here without change for 11 years!!!! When I requested New Password all I got was..."dennis.bclue@gmail is not allowed to get new password"... So..resultantly I have had to register totally anew...I guess the same applies for Watch Footy..Really irritating as I have used both site for a very long time...


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Re: Free Trial of Watch AFL

 It does seem the new system didn't carry our account information over, but it wasn't a big deal creating a new account with the same information.  I  didn't encounter your other problem. Still using the same AFANA logon information I've used for years. 

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Re: Free Trial of Watch AFL

 Yeah Dennis, its a completely new company now so I doubt they would have your login info. Just setup a new one. It takes 1 minute and is worth it for the increased quality of being broadcast by Foxsports now.

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Re: Free Trial of Watch AFL

I see a new app and updated WatchAFL page has been created.

The most exciting thing about that is that I notice Fox footy shows are now available as part of a WatchAFL subscription... The Bounce, AFL 360, On the Couch and Open Mike.

I was already very happy with WatchAFL, but this makes it even better if you're into the weekly commentary and news shows.

The only thing they're lacking is native apps for Roku and Apple TV. Part of being "discoverable" is being on the services where cord cutters and non-cord cutters alike are spending part of their time.

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Re: Free Trial of Watch AFL

We'll have to wait and see if the access to all of the Fox Footy material continues but so far, so good. Fans have asked for those for years and it didn't seem possible however perhaps having News Corp entities at both ends has helped along with some common sense solutions by the AFL.

I agree that a native Roku and Apple TV app would be another great step forward.

During the match last night, there seemed to be some teething problems with the video feed but hopefully that is all they are.

One problem so far is that some users have had trouble with the Chromecast feature in the app. Thus far, it does not seem to work consistently but hopefully that gets resolved quickly.

AFANA Founder and Site Admin

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Re: Free Trial of Watch AFL

Rob thanks for all you do.

Today for the update about the app's. I dreamed of the day of not using a computer to watch the watch AFL site. 
the new much improved site now is the biggest step forward ever for us fans. was  just shocked to be able to just watch the live channel, it kept me
2017 best season Ever

Footy fan in USA since 1969. Best Team Sport on This Planet

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Re: Free Trial of Watch AFL

good news got the app working on this Android box (below) I had bought to see some real 4k off my big Satellite  dish. the picture not as good as I watched yesterday on a computer on the live stream . could be the settings on this little box, as I never tried the Android part of it.

10 minutes later
playing with it now on my old TV somehow got to "cast" to my new TV. it is a 360 show and the picture is good. pretty cool

Footy fan in USA since 1969. Best Team Sport on This Planet

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Re: Free Trial of Watch AFL

So I just finished watching my first replay with the new Fox Watch AFL coverage (Bulldogs - Dockers), and it was 110% better than last year.  The picture and sound were perfect with no need to start each quarter individually like last year.  Even got to watch the Aussie commercials. I watch with a Chromebook attached to my HDTV, and last year something changed with about 4-5 weeks left in the season which prevented the Chromebook from streaming the replays anymore. Neither Rightster or I were able to determine whether it was their problem or a change to the Chrome OS.  No problem this year though.  It was perfect. So far, two thumbs up. 

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Re: Free Trial of WatchAFL

 I am enjoying the new look for Watch AFL on my desktop computers and smart phone.  I am delighted to finally be able to watch the Fox Footy channel as seen on television in Australia.  The 24/7 channel on Watch AFL in past years was similar but this is the same channel as seen down under.  Also amusing are the domestic commercials for Australian brands and retailers!  I've yet to watch a complete game on demand so I am interested to see how it will work to watch the game straight through without having to cue each quarter,  if the connection holds well, buffering, etc.  I have to make a confession:  When I first registered with the new Watch AFL I made a TYPO on my email address.  Not knowing what the typo was I could not log in.  But the good folks at Watch AFL were accessible by email and they made the correction for me.  It delayed my successful log in by a week during which time I was biting my nails.  My fault. 

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Re: Free Trial of WatchAFL

 Fingers crossed they also stop the annoying filler videos they used to have! I'd have rather watched Australian ads than the same stupid review/promo video over and over. Used to drive me crazy. 

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Re: Free Trial of WatchAFL

I'm not sure if anyone else is as excited about Foxsports having the rights now, and Rightster being given the flick, as I am. 

Having endured years of shocking quality from Rightster I'm stoked. I even wrote Gillion McLachlan a letter he had to sign for to complain about it. Who can forget it cutting out in the last quarter of the 2013 Grand Final? Where the game was even and when it came back on the game was done.

Just looking at the quality of the videos of some trial games it is super HD. The painful thing with Watch AFL before was that in 720p the quality was not high enough to HDMI into a TV so you had to sit around a laptop with friends. When they switched to 1080p last season for some games it cut out so much it wasn't worth it.

One thing, normally you get a free membership when you sign up as a global member of your team but currently for the Lions at least the global membership is not available yet. This is pretty good value historically.

On the topic of quality anyone notice that even on television FS1/FS2 that it cuts out a fair bit? I guess its being sent a long way but still. 

Just to repeat so super stoked they took the rights off those shitbags at Rightster who seem to be going broke and changed their name recently. I must have emailed their support 100+ times to complain. Sometimes the video player itself would break, other things it was practically impossible to use. 

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