Featured AFL Matches on Radio This Week

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All AFL Matches listed are available on afl.com.au and are free, no subscription required (for shortwave radio info see further down or click here to go directly). To get to the selection go to the AFL web site approximately 10 to 30 minutes prior to the match start and look for the links to listen live to the radio feeds. The feeds are also available on the AFL app for Android and Apple devices. This season you can listen to the pre-match commentary if you wish. You may choose the station you want there.  Listening requires Adobe Flash. We will update this each week throughout the season. This information is provided as a service by AFANA. We have no control over the internet feeds whatsoever. If you have difficulty we encourage you to use the technical support links provided at the AFL site first before contacting us. We have direct links below the listing which allow you to bypass the AFL site in some circumstances.

Internet Radio Schedule for afl.com.au

2016 NAB AFL Draft

(Not all radio feeds may be available at the AFL website. AFL smartphone apps also carry all matches unless otherwise noted. )

Match Radio Stations
2016 Draft SEN/3AW

The links below are routed through a special server and intended to help those who cannot access the AFL site directly or prefer not to. These have been recently tested. Not all might work for every match and this is beyond our control. The feeds are all Flash based. Not all standalone devices, but most laptops, desktops, and some other devices, can handle Flash stream addresses. Internet radios, smartphones, and any computer program which let you enter the URL of the web streams directly AND which understands the RTMP Flash stream format, can use the following links to get to the radio feeds for the AFL. For some RTMP friendly devices you will only need the portion after "swf?src=". Additionally, as noted above, all broadcasts can be accessed via the AFL web site at match time and via the AFL smartphone apps. (For the record, we detest Flash streams. Early information indicates that streams from radio station websites will no longer be blocked in 2017. We will update this page in early 2017 with new stream information for next season.- Ed.)

Information courtesy of the Australian Football League, anonymous contributors, and AFANA.

Shortwave Coverage

(Update: Due to budget cuts, Radio Australia reduced its frequencies and schedule. Coverage for the 2016 season continues but is much harder to hear. We will update this as we get more information.) Radio Australia provides live coverage of three AFL matches which are the same as three of the above listings for the ABC which occur on Saturdays AEST. The frequencies to check are as follows: 15300, 15240, 15160, 13630, 12085, 9580, 15415, 9710, 9475, 7410, and 5995 kHz. (A "current" frequency guide is here.) For an idea of which matches air on Saturdays AEST, consult our TV guide under WatchAFL and any match listed for a time start time between 11 PM Friday US EDT and 6 AM Saturday US EDT may be covered. The ABC also posts the matches to be covered here and here but these pages are not always promptly updated. Please keep in mind that none of the shortwave coverage is aimed at the US or Canada and reception may vary radically from day to day based on the season of the year and solar activity. One week you may hear it very well on a given frequency and the next week not at all. This is not something the ABC, AFANA, or the AFL can easily control.


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Re: Featured AFL Matches on Radio This Week

Much obliged for the radio link... Dumbfounded that the broadcasters don't offer this for their sponsors & listeners. Cheers.

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Re: Featured AFL Matches on Radio This Week

You're welcome. The AFL probably won't let them as they have to send the listeners through the AFL web site as a condition of getting a license to broadcast the game.We have no such restriction.

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

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Re: Featured AFL Matches on Radio This Week

hey - just letting you know that as part of the multi cultural round this weekend there will be a broadcast of the coll v carl game on Melbourne greek radio station 3XY this Saturday - the broadcast event is hosted by alex and tom who run the HACCI radio program every tuesday morning at 9 AM on the same station - Peter Maniatis ( 0438 522 325 )

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Re: Featured AFL Matches on Radio This Week

Thanks, Peter.  Our front page article on this weekend does mention the alternate language broadcasts but we appreciate the info.

AFANA Chairman and Site Admin

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