Featured AFL Matches on Radio This Week

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All AFL Matches listed are available on afl.com.au and are free, no subscription required (for shortwave radio info click here). To get to the selection go to the AFL web site approximately 10 to 30 minutes prior to the match start and look for the links to listen live to the radio feeds. This season you can listen to the prematch commentary if you wish (see this link). You may choose the station you want there.  Listening requires Windows Media 9 or later.   We will update this each week throughout the season.  This information is provided as a service by AFANA.  We have no control over the internet feeds whatsoever.  If you have difficulty we encourage you to use the technical support links provided at the AFL site first before contacting us.  You can also search our site for suggestions on how to make the audio work. 

Radio Schedule for afl.com.au
Round 9

(Not all radio feeds may be available at the AFL website.)

Match Radio Stations

(Update 4/19/15: Thanks to an anonymous contributor whose comment we have not published but instead incorporated here, we have the new stream addresses. The new feeds are all Flash based and we will test all of them again during Round 4. Not all standalone devices can handle "rtmp" stream addresses but if yours can you can use the links below. As noted above all broadcasts can be accessed via the AFL web site at match time and via the AFL smartphone apps. For the record, we detest Flash streams. - Ed.) Internet radios, smartphones, and any computer program which lets you enter the URL of the web streams directly AND which understands the RTMP Flash stream format, you can use the following links to get to the radio feeds for the AFL:

Information courtesy of the Australian Fooball League and AFANA.

Shortwave Coverage

(Update: Due to budget cuts, Radio Australia is dramatically reducing its frequencies and schedule. Coverage for the 2015 season may be limited or non-existent and it may be nearly impossible to hear games via shortwave. We will update this as we get more information.) Radio Australia provides live coverage of three AFL matches which are the same as three of the above listings for the ABC which occur on Saturdays AEST. The frequencies to check are as follows: 15300, 15160, 13630, 12065, 9580, 15415, 9710, 9475, 7410, and 5995 kHz. For an idea of which matches air on Saturdays AEST, consult our TV guide under WatchAFL and any match listed for a time start time between 11 PM Friday US EDT and 6 AM Saturday US EDT may be covered. The ABC also posts the matches to be covered here and here but these pages are not always promptly updated. Please keep in mind that none of the shortwave coverage is aimed at the US or Canada and reception may vary radically from day to day based on the season of the year and solar activity. One week you may hear it very well on a given frequency and the next week not at all. This is not something the ABC, AFANA, or the AFL can easily control.


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How to make this work with VLC on a Mac...

Now this may also work in linux.. no clue....

1. click on Game Day Live on the main page 2. Once the screen comes up look for the "Live Game Radio" link click on that 3. Once the window comes up.. Click on "Bookmarks" in the menu bar 4. Then click on "Add a Bookmark..." once the window with the titlte "Type a name for the bookmark, and choose where to keep it." window comes up highlight the URL (usually starting with http://) 5. Copy the link using CMD+C 6. Hit "Cancel" 7. Close the window for the "Live Game Radio" 8. Open VLC 9. Go to "File" 10. Go to "Open Network.." 11. Paste the URL into the field after HTTP/FTP/MMS/RTSP 12. Hightlight this part of the URL: "http://xml.afl.com.au/live_audio.htm?mediaurl=" and hit delete. 13. This should leave a URL at the top that looks like this: "rtsp://wm9.streaming.telstra.com/ucs-wh_afl0live3" 14. Change the rtsp:// to mms:// 15. Click OK 16. Give VLC a second or two to buffer the audio and...

Bingo you should have Live Game Radio...

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Re: Featured AFL Matches on Radio This Week

I was unable to listen to the radio via afl.com.au for the first round last weekend; not terrible as my team were featured on espn3. Not he case for round 2, I'm afraid. I have a mac with windows media player installed, but no dice. From what I can see the advice about playing the radio coverage using VLC worked with the previous afl.com.au interface, not with the 2011 version. Any guidance/suggestions much appreciated.

David in LA

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Re: Featured AFL Matches on Radio This Week

Much obliged for the radio link... Dumbfounded that the broadcasters don't offer this for their sponsors & listeners. Cheers.

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Re: Featured AFL Matches on Radio This Week

You're welcome. The AFL probably won't let them as they have to send the listeners through the AFL web site as a condition of getting a license to broadcast the game.We have no such restriction.

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