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The AFL Laws - the official rule book for the game. We recommend this only as a reference.  It is not designed to be used to learn the game but rather for officiating and governing the sport. (Would you teach someone how to understand baseball or basketball by handing them the rule book? Probably not. However, since we get many requests for this, here it is.)

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Posted by admincms on September 26, 2010

The rules say that in the event of a draw, the game is re-played the following week. That is what is going to take place this week (Oct 2, 2010). 

The rules have not said what happens in the event of a second draw.  As a result, the AFL Commission is expected to pass a rule today to indicated that a second draw, though incredibly unlikely from a statistical standpoint, would result in "extra-time" being played in 10 minute intervals (2 five minute halves) until a result is reached. 

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