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What is Australian Football?

Would you like to learn more about Aussie rules? Learn about the rules, key features of the game, and it's history? Below are some videos that might help. Be sure to check our other resources, at the following links:

Common Questions and Answers
   Footy Coffee Table Reference (download and keep)   More detailed Footy Facts (more facts in depth)   Footy Lingo Defined   Official AFL Rule Book (for reference)

What is the AFL? Aussie Rules Explained. (5 mins)
A good place to start.

Australian Rules Football Invades America (2 mins)
The basic features of the sport related to sports you already know.

The Rules of Australian Football (7 mins)
A bit irreverant in places but a good explanation of the basic rules.

The Rules of Australian (Aussie Rules) Football Explained (HD) (4  mins)
A very professional but easy to understand explanation of the basics of the game.

AFL Explained (30 mins)
A good summary of the history of the sport and some background on the sport as well as the basics.

Qualifying Final 2 - Geelong v Fremantle Highlights - AFL (5 mins)
Highlights of one the 2013 finals.

West Coast Eagles v Sydney Swans - 2006 Qualifying Final Highlights - AFL (13 mins)
One of the greatest games ever played.

Best Marks of 2015 (5 mins)
Some spectacular catches known as "marks" from 2015.

Best Goals of 2015 (4 mins)
Some outstanding goals from 2015.

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