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The AFANA Top Four Competition is about to commence for season 2021! If you have not yet registered your intention then follow the instructions below. You have until 12:01 AM EDT on 18th March, 2021, just prior to round 1, to get your initial Top4 selections in. Entries after Round 1 will not receive points for the rounds missed.

Now there will be two chances to change your selections, whenever you wish to do so (a change from previous years). You make the decision to change your tips (maximum of 2 changes for the season) and inform the coordinator.

In 2021, all participants must also be registered at and have a valid userid.

For the newcomers, welcome to the world of Australian Rules Football.

We hope you'll enter [it's FREE] and support AFANA and therefore the growth of Aussie Rules in North America in the process. Through this competition you'll be more aware of who we are and our role in promoting Australian Rules Football in North America.

Instructions and Game Details
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The deadline for your first entry is 12:01 AM EDT on March 18th, 2021, just prior to round 1. Entries after Round 1 will not receive points for the rounds missed.

The top team of your four picks can earn 4, 3, 2 or 1 points, depending on where it is placed for any given round. Your second team can earn only a maximum of 3 points, even if it is on top. Your third team earns a maximum 2 points, while your fourth team can only ever score one point. Check out the supplied example.

Suppose your picks are, in order: ADE NOR WES MEL. After round 1, the top 4 are (in order):

  • Adelaide Crows (ADE)
  • North Melbourne (NOR)
  • Western Bulldogs (WES)
  • Melbourne Demons (MEL)

The scoring would follow the below table:

Place If you picked, If they're at place 1, you get If they're at place 2, you get If they're at place 3, you get If they're at place 4, you get


ADE 4 pts 3 pts 2 pts 1 pt


NOR 3 3 2 1


WES 2 2 2 1


MEL 1 1 1 1

If your picks match the top 4 in both team and placement, you get 10 points.

Here is another example of how the scoring works. Given the same picks (ADE, NOR, BUL, MEL) and the top 4 in round 2 as being:

  • NOR
  • WES
  • ADE
  • MEL

You would receive 8 points for NOR (3), BUL (2), ADE (2), MEL (1). As long as all four are in the top 4, you'll get points for all of them regardless of where they end up.

The maximum number of points per round you can score is 10.


  • ADE- Adelaide Crows
  • BRI - Brisbane Lions
  • BUL- Western Bulldogs
  • CAR- Carlton Blues
  • COL- Collingwood Magpies
  • ESS- Essendon Bombers
  • FRE- Fremantle Dockers
  • GEE- Geelong Cats
  • GCS- Gold Coast Suns
  • GWS - Greater Western Sydney Giants
  • HAW- Hawthorn Hawks
  • NOR - North Melbourne
  • MEL - Melbourne Demons
  • POR - Port Adelaide Power
  • RIC - Richmond Tigers
  • STK - St. Kilda Saints
  • SYD - Sydney Swans
  • WCE - West Coast Eagles


First, go to the bottom of this page and add your name to the mailing list for participants (press "Back" on your browser after you get the confirmation message to continue on this page.) Second, make sure you are registered at and are able to login.

Entering the AFANA Top Four Competition is simple. Decide which teams you would like to put in your top four for the season.  We do give you 2 options to change them whenever you feel, if you're not doing well.  (Every past winner has made a mid year change.) You can e-mail them in any format. Use the abbreviations above (e.g. CAR WES BRI ESS) or the team names (Carlton, West Coast, Brisbane, Essendon). The order in which the teams are listed is important, so think about your choices carefully. Then, send them in a e-mail message with "Top Four" in the subject header and you're in! It's that simple. Remember, the deadline for entering is March 18th 12:01 AM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). Although the results will be posted here on the AFANA web site, you are not required to be an AFANA member, nor do you need to check in here every week, although it'd be nice if you did! We will e-mail you the full score list each week, plus any announcements or updates. Please, if your e-mail address changes, go the mailing list link and unsubscribe your old address and re-subscribe with your new one.

In the Top Four competition, you have 2 chances to change your tips. You can send in completely new teams, or make some small edits. To do this, just send another e-mail with "Top Four" in the subject header and your teams will be changed. It's that simple. Based on past seasons, you are strongly encouraged to review your choices regularly if you want to have a win a prize. 

Have a great season this season and thanks again for entering our competition!

Top 4 Comp Mailing List


Subscribe | Unsubscribe

Subscribing is a two step, double opt-in process.  This is done to protect your privacy and prevent unsolicited mail.  The initial e-mail message has a link that you must click on (or cut and paste into your web browser).  You must reply to that first e-mail and activate your subscription as soon as possible.  (We have a time limit on activations to prevent spammers from polluting our lists.) That will confirm your subscription and you will get a second e-mail with your details.  Welcome!

* Please note:
Due to problems with AOL, we no longer accept addresses as subscribers.  Read our notice here:  Problems with AOL
If you are unsubscribing, you must enter the e-mail address exactly as it is on your newletter including capitalization or your request may fail. 
Earthlink users:  We do NOT reply to challenge / response messages.  If you don't get your initial confirmation message it is because Earthlink has blocked it.  You must add to your "whitelist".
Note:  If your company or office requires "out of office" notices when you are away, please use another e-mail address.  Any "out of office" notice is a bounce.  Three bounces are you are automatically unsubscribed.  No exceptions due to anti-spam policies of most internet providers. 

Article last changed on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 - 9:50 PM EDT

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