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E-mail messages sent from the system to specific users will now include the user’s names in the To: field of the e-mail in some cases. Instead of being just to </bill[at)gates[ dot }com" class="linkifierplus">bill[at)gates[ dot }com> it will now read "Bill Gates" </bill[at)gates[ dot }com" class="linkifierplus">bill[at)gates[ dot }com>   This improves the personalization of the message reducing the likelihood it will be classified as spam.  For example, this will occur when a message is sent to you from your “Contact” page under your user profile on the web site. It will not happen on some system generated messages such as notices of new content.  To see your contact page go to "My Account" using the link in the sidebar.  You must be logged in to see this option.

Users should note that it is highly advisable to update your profile (see “My account” link noted above) since it now allows separate fields for your First Name and Last Name or surname.  Enter updated info and save it for the new information to be used by our system.  Given names and surnames are not publicly available only your user name.

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