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When you run out of current matches, try watching some of the really old ones from the AFL website.  Even though the picture and sound quality are not very good, it’s still a treat to see the old retired players again and current veterans when they were young.  Examples of what you can see:

  • The goal umpires with their white coats wide brim hats
  • Billy Brownless with hair
  • Matthew Lloyd as a 17 year old rookie

  • Richmond winning an important game

Also games seem to be more violent than now with a lot more rough stuff going unpenalized.  I just watched the 1995 Richmond-Essendon Semi-Final and a lot of things which would draw penalties today were overlooked; a very rough game.  Seeing it makes one better appreciate some of the more recent rule changes to protect the players.

Try it.  You might like it.   Image removed.

Posted by eddy (not verified) on May 01, 2008

Hey bob, You gotta be kidding me, right. How can you say that you appreciate the rule changes to protect the players. The game played today is a much less exciting contest than in the 70's and 80's when men were men. These rule changes have almost ruined the game, nowdays a player just has to dish out a good hip and shoulder and he is reported and sitting on the sidelines for weeks. The Afl originally introduced these laws to combat the hits behind play which were very dangerous and most unsportsmanlike (if thats a word). Lets face it, this is a game played grown men, by elite athletes that are very well paid and should be prepared to play hard. Dirty players in the past almost always got repaid for their low acts of violence and it kept most reasonably honest. The game has been sanitised to the point that a game of soccer is almost on par with it for contact injuries haha. Seriously though, the Afl's thinking was that mums wont let their kids play a game that looks rough on tv. This where they got it wrong. The game on tv is played by well paid professionals and should be distinguishable from the modified rules game kids play on saturdays. As much as i dislike Nrl (National Rugby League) here in Australia they have done just that. They realised the crowds love to see the big hits and promoted that part of their game. Good on them. The Afl needs to take a look at what made the game so great all them years ago and stop fixing something that aint broke.
Posted by Bob on May 01, 2008

I said I appreciate some of the rule changes.  I'm thinking of the cases where they would rip a guy's head off with the high tackles.  I agree in many cases they went too far with their changes.

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