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I just got off the mobile with the Australian-American Chamber of Commerce back home in Northern California and was told that the Grand Final party in San Francisco is still being planned, but the venue is yet to be determined. I was told within a month to check back and see if it's been announced yet.


It would be a sweet atmosphere to watch the Grand Final in San Fran, up there with actually being at the MCG (without all the trouble of depending on MCG Security to help you find your seat before first bounce!) Image removed. I know I do plan on being in SF that Friday night, can't wait for that One Day in September!

Posted by admincms on May 10, 2007

It's always great to look forward to the Grand Final wherever you may be. 

t's just a wee bit too early to have many details on the GF parties and I am not surprised that the San Francisco organizers aren't ready yet.  AFANA begins accepting Grand Final party announcements in the second or third week of July.   A dozen years of doing this has taught us that asking for information earlier than that is a waste of everyone's time.  While the announcements have been arriving earlier in recent years than they did a decade ago, mid-July is about the right time to start.

Fans can be assured that AFANA will list the parties on the web site and in the newsletter, just as we always do, when the time comes.  And we'll have the full details on the AACC party in Northern California among those listings.

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