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So what do you think of the new Setanta live telecasts?  Give me your feedback!
Posted by mgoblue on May 22, 2006

I don't have access to the coverage so I'm bummed about that. However, it's great for footy coverage in the US overall though. Hopefully this will bring more and more TV coverage!
Posted by PatGlennon on July 21, 2006

I think Setanta is doing a great job!  I have watched many games.  I much prefer afternoon games so I can stay up and watch it live.  When they broadcast evening games I set the TV to Setanta before bed and flip it on when I wake up (or should I say when the kids wake me up).  I usually catch most of the game this way.

Having live footy has been wonderful.  I would still watch the MOTW last year, but knowing the outcome usually made it less of a must see.

I don't know if any new fans have been born due the coverage, but it is nice to see it getting coverage nontheless.  I would still love to see the AFL make a run back at ESPN - make them an offer charging nearly nothing for the rights and then let ESPN2 or somebody air it.  It would beat what they have on at midnight or 5:00 am and maybe a big national name like ESPN would actually help grow the sport in the states..

Posted by admincms on July 21, 2006

This comes up a lot.  All I can do is assure everyone that the AFL wishes they could do that and they have tried but ESPN is not interested.   ESPN has been very clear.   It is not really a money issue in that sense, they just don't want footy back.  Money matters only in terms of the revenue the program would generate... either thru ratings that get advertisers or sponsors, neither of which the AFL has for the programs. 

It isn't, as is widely supposed, that the AFL wants too much for the rights.  I can't say for the record, but I doubt any of this year's networks are busting the bank paying the AFL.   Unless it is a piggy bank. 

We've started a TV FAQ to answer these questions.  It's still a work in progress.

I see that Setanta has added another channel on Directv - Ch 670.  I am hoping this means that they maybe able to show even more live AFL next year.  Any idea what they are planning to use it for?



Turn It Up Mate Image removed.

Setanta Xtra as it is called is at this point solely for live feeds of Premier League soccer when they have more than one game to show at a time.   While it is not beyond the realm of possibility it could be used for footy or other things, there are no announced plans to do so.

For that matter, Setanta has not confirmed we will even have coverage next year.  

I can confirm at least two new fans from the live coverage - I have a couple of mates I've tried to get interested in footy for a couple of years, but the Highlight show is not...ummm, capitvating...enough to get them hooked.  Nor is it conducive to explaining the fine points of the game.  The live coverage this year has made all the difference - they actually came over this weekend and *asked* to see some finals coverage (usually I have to initiate the viewing).

Of course, with my beloved Blues struggling the past few seasons, they have chosen to support other teams, but at least they are AFL teams (The Saints?!?  For God's sakes, man - are you daft?)


It is just great to hear that we have new fans as a result of the coverage.  The wonderful thing about the sport is that it sells itself.  You just have to expose people to it.  Which is the one way I am frustrated about the fact that more people can't see it.  But patience...

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