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Hello my first post - at work in Adelaide. We get on a plane to Los Angeles in a couple of days and will be there for Saturday's prelim final - Crows v West Coast. Bad planning huh!

Anyone know if this can be watched live or delayed in LA?

And the grand final - we should be in San Francisco - any venue / tv station there?

Go Crows!  Tony

Hi Tony,

Welcome to the forums.  Live coverage of the Prelim Finals will be on Setanta Sports (and only Setanta Sports) in the US.  If you can find someone or someplace with a subscription to Setanta Sports then you are in business.    Your best bet in that regard is to check this listing:   Setanta Sports Venue List and see if there is a location near to where you are staying and talk to them.  Note:  it has to be the Setanta Sports channel via DirecTV satellite service.  None of the other Setanta channels will carry it.  

Similarly, with the Grand Final, only Setanta will have it, so the above info applies there, too.  However, with the GF, there are parties organized for the event.  In San Fran there is a large one.   Go to our GF party page: 
2006 Grand Final Parties and scroll down to the bottom of the page... there is a drop down box.  Find the San Francisco links and press "Go".  That will take you to the information on the party.  Note:  AFANA isn't the party organizer... you must contact the organizers directly.  Our GF party page also has a variety of other suggestions that might help you. 

Good luck and hope to see you back here again.

You can also order ITVN to receive Setanta delivery of the GF.  This is a set-top box that connects between your broadband internet connection and your TV. I have no experience with this service, but just now placed my order.  See their website:  ITVN


However, the poster is visiting the US and this is probably not practical for him.

We have links to ITVN all over the web site.   Most fans that have signed up for it so far seem reasonably pleased.   However, time is getting very short to get this done before the Grand Final.  So if you are considering it, you need to order now and request expedited delivery.

Posted by Beaver on September 25, 2006

watches the last four matches on itvn and the quality is not bad! I am using it behind a firewall and via wireless and still have very good quality... however ANY heavy traffic on your broadband and you will need to drop the quality down... but all in all... quiet pleased.

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