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It looks like ESPN3 didn't bother to archive the ANZAC match this week.  At least I can't find it.  The live broadcast included a 2 hour pregame coverage paying tribute to the AU military.  I had hoped to show this to some friends.  

Posted by pblack on April 26, 2010

 I have the same problem.  Some games are either not being archived or are being pulled down very quickly.  Does anyone know who is responsible for this, ESPN or the AFL?

They keep some video around for a long time.  If you pull down 'Replay' with 'All' selected, there is cricket going back many months, which was an unexpected bonus.

Another gripe,  The ESPN3 schedule was set up way in advance, and does not necessarily accord well with the dynamics of the season as it unfolds.

Posted by admincms on April 26, 2010

Thanks for the comments!

@Bob:  We'll bring the issue to the attention of ESPN3.  I suspect this was not intentional.  However, see what follows...

@pblack:  ESPN3 is responsible for posting the matches for later viewing.  However the games are, by contract, to be available only 48 hours from the start of the match.  That's 48 hours by the clock by the beginning of the broadcast.  So, if the match airs Friday night at 11:00 PM EDT then it won't be available after Sunday night at 11:00 PM EDT regardless of when it was first available for replay or how long the telecast went.  How long cricket or anything else is available doesn't matter.  This restriction is noted on our TV Info page among other places.  The 48 hour limitation is to protect the rights of Telstra / ASTV under their current AFL contract.  I'm sure ESPN3 would prefer they were available longer but it isn't an option.   If matches don't appear when expected or disappear too soon, send AFANA an e-mail and we'll follow up with ESPN ASAP.  Often if we're told immediately we can get word to the right people to get it fixed. 

AFANA agrees that setting the schedule in advance of the season has it's drawbacks.  We'd prefer that schedules not be set so far into the future and that is something we'll explore with ESPN and the AFL for next season.  The schedules in past seasons had the opposite problem.  Certain previous networks (who will not be named!) had the tendency to only want to show the teams in the top four spots all the time.  So while Adelaide might not be playing well at the moment it wouldn't be fair to their fans in the US if they never aired.  Finding the balance is always an issue.  We should be glad that we have the commitment to the sport we do from ESPN.  AFANA is in regular touch with ESPN staff (who are very willing to listen) and we'll work to make things better next year.  

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

Posted by Swans500 on April 26, 2010

I can certainly agree thet the ESPN3 strategy of programming the games a full season in advance is not good for me. The Swans are on top of the ladder but are not shceduled until June 26!

I did contact ESPN3 and had a quick and courteous response which none the less indicated that not much will change. They said their programming is done via surveys which show what the majority want...dunno about that?!

However, I will not complain further as I have been paying the 6 bucks for Omnisport and have seen every game I wanted with the best stream I have ever had. Virtually the quality of standard def TV on my TV and not one buffer,dropout or stutter. VERY pleased. Far superior even to the old Setanta broadcasts and I recommend to anyone.


Posted by admincms on April 26, 2010

Hmm...  Sounds you got the stock response there Dennis.   I can assure you that a survey wasn't how the AFL matches were chosen this season.  I also agree that there is an imbalance in the way some teams are getting on air.  As noted above, AFANA will try to see what we can do to improve that next season.  Our biggest goal this year is to maximize the audiences for ESPN, particularly the 4 matches that will be on ESPN2.  More Americans watched the Grand Final last season on ESPN Classic than did Australians in Australia.  We have numbers if we can make it work for us.  That will in turn lead to interest in more matches on ESPN2.

Glad that the Omnisport / ASTV coverage is working for you.  A positive report is always welcome!

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

Posted by admincms on April 27, 2010

ESPN advises they will look into why the ANZAC match wasn't posted for replay promptly and get back to me.   However, the passage of time means that the 48 hour window now insures it won't be posted for replay.  It's important we hear about this stuff ASAP so my suggestion is that e-mails to Jeff Hemelt (AFANA's TV schedules man - addy is first initial & last name at afana dot com) or using the Contact link at the top of every page and designating TV as the category will insure we get to ESPN as soon as we can.  Even if we fail, two or three of these problems will get management attention at ESPN and hopefully "fix" the problem. 

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

Posted by Rob (not verified) on April 27, 2010

I'm in Canada so I don't have the ESPN option. However, TSN is doing a great job of showing one live match per week on TSN2. My understanding was that TSN would also be uploading 2 matches per week on However, for most rounds so far no matches whatsoever have been uploaded. Am I misunderstanding the TSN arrangement? I'm finding Omnisport is an excellent option for afternoon games (which are late evening here) but not a great choice for evening games (middle of the night here).
Posted by admincms on April 27, 2010

Good to know that TSN2 and are working well for you.  Positive reports are useful, too, as we don't get near enough of them compared to the problem reports. 

Yes, you have it right. is supposed to be posting 2 games per week.  They are subject to the same 48 hour window as ESPN though so if you are checking today (Tuesday afternoon in North America) you won't likely find any.  We've been seeking schedules for their coverage for two months now so it's probably time to raise the issue with the AFL.  

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

Posted by Bob on May 02, 2010

This week's Hawthorn - Essendon game isn't archived either.  Are they supposed to archive all three games they broadcast, or only two?

Posted by Bob on May 08, 2010

It's been more than 24 hours since the Melbourne - Bulldogs match, and they still haven't archived it.  I don't mean to be a complainer.  It's better than what I had before because I never could get the old player to work on my computer.  But for at least the last three weeks they've missed archiving one match.  I guess if I want to make sure I see them all I'll have to go back to getting up at 5:00am on match days.

Posted by Swans500 on May 08, 2010

If anyone REALLY loves the game....or their team.....simply get up at 5 am or be prepared for an 11 pm or midnight start!!!!

I do.... I use mostly Omnisport, pay my 6 bucks and get a great stream on virtually any game I desire. It has never been better for us here in the USA!

Hell will freeze over before we get the games in HD wide screen at times that suit us!!! I am very satisfied with this years options.


Posted by Bob on May 09, 2010

Rob...  Just checked ESPN3, and the Melbourne - Bulldogs game is now archived.  Don't know if it's from you contacting them, or if they were just late getting it up.  But thanks anyway.

Hi, I'm currently living in the states temporarily (for about 3 months or so). I have been reading your website to try and figgure out how to watch the weekends football games live. It seems that I'll need to pay $6 for most of the eagles games (omnisport) and will be able to give me 3 additional games per week. I tried to watch the carlton v st kilda game this morning on but it kept asking me to select my internet provider. I live in an appartment where the internet is included in the rental price, so I don't know what isp i'm using. Is there any way to get around this? These next few months are going to tough without the footy.

Posted by admincms on May 10, 2010

While ESPN3 is free, it is dependent on your ISP.  Your ISP is the cable, satellite, or telephone company that provides your internet service.  If you live in an apartment and don't know, just ask the manager's office.  They can tell you.   Each ISP has to make arrangements with ESPN before you can get it.  There is no way around this. covers all the matches ESPN3 does not and it does charge.  That's how the AFL pays Telstra for the service.  Perform Ltd, which operate, do so for Telstra who own the exclusive AFL rights for this.  They paid A$20mil for five years for it.  That's a lot of dough to cover at $6 per. 

There is free footy, on a one week delay, on MHz Network affiliates.  To find the list, by city, and to read the entire summary of AFL coverage, check our TV Info page using the link on the far right column, under "AFL on TV".  You can also listen to almost all AFL matches via the relayed radio feeds on the AFL web site.

I feel for your problem.  It's something footy fans in the US and Canada deal with every year.  That's why AFANA was founded 15 years ago. 

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

Posted by quisp on June 16, 2010

One of the best aspects of Setanta's coverage was they showed the entire game - pre-game, halftime show, post-game through to the team song at the end of the game. Has anyone spoken to the folks at ESPN3 to find out why they don't show the entire game? Particularly surprising is how they simply "black out" the halftime show by putting up an AFL or ESPN3 logo on screen for 15 minutes of the stream. If anyone knows how we can petition ESPN3 to get full coverage, please let me know. Thanks!

Posted by admincms on June 16, 2010

Hi quisp,

Thanks for the inquiry.  We will ask ESPN about this but I'd wager there are a couple of reasons, some having to do with rights.  ESPN would have to be covered for the rights and royalties to air the portion of the content not owned entirely by the AFL.  That would include anything specifically produced by the host broadcaster such as pregame shows or post-game interviews.  Also, there is the question of performance royalties for anyone appearing on screen be it as part of the pregame or a commercial (e.g. ASCAP blocks some US commercials from being shown outside the US or over the internet for the same reason). 

Setanta made an effort to resolve this and probably at some cost, perhaps small (or not).  Whether ESPN will do so I don't know.  AFANA will inquire and if we get an explanation we can share we'll do that.  There's no harm in putting in a request to ESPN via the feedback mechanisms on the ESPN3 web site. 

A separate issue is the time slot.  If ESPN has blocked off only enough time for the match itself including quarter breaks then it's a scheduling thing but given that they block half-time too, I'll bet on the rights and royalties issue as the main problem.

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

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