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I will be visiting Las Vegas when the Grand Final is on.

Does anyone know of Venue that will show the Game.


Hi bukkojunior.  First, as admin for this site, I changed your title to remove the all caps.  Use of all caps is a violation of the site policies which are listed when you register.  

So far we have not received an announcement for Las Vegas but given that they have a local footy club there it is possible one might get organized and we would still get an announcement.   Almost half of the announcements will arrive between now and the Grand Final.

Posting here is a good idea, and we also suggest that you try the following: 

  • Contact the nearest  Australian embassy or consulate.  Often they know where they are going to watch!
  • Contact the nearest chapter of the Australian American Chamber of Commerce 
    Canada   Local chambers often organize parties or know who does.
  • Contact the nearest footy club.   They are the most common local party hosts. 
  • Look for a venue near your location that has Setanta Sports and see if they will air the match for you.

    If you find a party and we don't know about it, suggest to the hosts that they inform us ASAP.  It will help other fans.   Good luck.

The sports bar in New York, New York is suppose to show the game on Friday night.  They said to call on Thursday just to verify the will broadcast the game.
Also heard that the Crown and Anchor bar on Tropicana may show the game.

Thanks for helping out khardy777.  That is useful info.  If either of those places is doing it as part of an organized event or guests are welcome, have someone from the establishment or the host tell AFANA at aussiefb[at)afana[ dot }com so we can post the info on our party pages for everyone that visits our site.  It will help other fans.

Thanks for the info Anonymous... but, err, you were answering a message from 2006.  

The 2008 party listings are here: 

And Las Vegas is already posted. 

Note to other visitors:  if you create register on the site and log in first, your posts are immediate.  Anonymous posts are held pending review.  Also, if you know of a party we don't have posted, tell the organizers to come by the site and follow the home page link to the page to submit your party listing to us.   That's more effective than just posting info in a comment. 


AFANA Chairman and Site Admin

Posted by travoz (not verified) on August 04, 2009

 Hey guys,

I am Australian and will be in vegas sept 09 and was wondering if you could let me know where I could go to see any afl games that will be televised at any hotel, most of all the big AFL grand final.

I appreciate any help.

Posted by admincms on August 04, 2009

Hi travoz,

This thread is several years old and I doubt the original posters are still reading it however you never know.  Better to start your own new thread for 2009.

Also, it is still early August.  More than half of our announcements come in the last two weeks before the big game (organizers are amazingly slow at telling anyone!).  So keep checking as we may not get a party announced for Las Vegas for another month or more.  Good chance there will be one though.

I also deleted the duplicate posts you made of this request.  Repeatedly posting the same thing will get you banned by our system.

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

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