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My first post here :)

Well i recently moved from Aus to LA a few months ago and am a huge Eagles fan and wondering if any one can help me find a place showing live coverage of the grand final in the Los Angeles or Orange County that allows entry for people underage (21)?

Seems like all the parties are in bars so im thinking I probably wouldnt get in.


Dying to see some live footy :P

Posted by DCAce on September 25, 2006

Check the listings we have for LA and OC--California state law says any place that serves food has to allow minors in.  You should be able to find something pretty easily--just look for a menu....

Posted by mondo on September 26, 2006


thxs for the information.

Well i called up a few places and most of them said that their kitchen closes before the start of the game but i did find one place that is actually divided into a restaurant and bar. So here are the details.

Wallaby’s Aussie Pub & Grill 2106 N Tustin Ave Santa Ana CA 92705
Posted by admincms on September 26, 2006

Hey Mondo that is great.  Glad you found some place to see the match and thanks for posting the info.  When you next speak to them, tell them about AFANA and ask them to send any Grand Final party or event listings to us at aussiefb[at)afana[ dot }com   That way, other's can be sure to find it on our Grand Final pages this year or even next year!
Posted by roscohack on September 27, 2006

Hey fellas

i'm 19, another underage aussie whose also dying to see the game (go west coast!!!!). I'm in Nashville TN currently  but, i'm heading to florida for the weekend. I checked the listings and the party in florida is overage, however the one in Atlanta Goergia doens't say, and its on the way.  Does anyone know?

Thanks heaps.
Posted by admincms on September 27, 2006

Hi there, welcome to the site.   I suggest that you contact the hosts of the Atlanta party directly.   Everything AFANA knows is what we posted and they didn't give us any age limits (our annual requests for announcements specifically mention this). 

So give it a go and see what they say.

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