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Instead of running around like a headless chook a few days before the GF I thought I would try to get the ball rolling early.  Unfortunately I cannot host a party but I have roped in a few yanks to join again this year. Anyone who has TV coverage in Hawaii, is thinking of having a party, and has a place that can handle a few please let me know - and I'll throw in a couple of slabs.

Otherwise I will post which bar is willing to show the game (with sound).





We've posted all the GF parties we've received as the date of this message so the answer in that regard, is no.   Maybe the original poster will post a reply or send us an announcement.   While it sometimes takes us a day or two to get caught up if we get a bunch of announcements all at once, we don't keep secrets. 
Posted by Paat K on September 15, 2007

Bar/Venue Legends Sports Pub (HI)
 Address 411 Nahua Street
 City Honolulu, HI 96815
 Phone 808-922-7486
 Distance 3.45 miles (approx.)
 Bar/Venue Mulligans on the Blue
 Address 100 Kaukahi St. Tkkihei
 City Maui, HI 96753
 Phone 808-283-1131
 Distance 97.89 miles (approx.)

From Setanta's venue finder.

Hope this helps.

Hi Tony - last year I watched the GF with some friends at the Eastside Grill - they have a big TV and had the sound up, but I haven't called them yet.

Eastside Grill 1035 University Avenue Puck's Alley Suite 102-3 Honolulu, Hawaii 96826 phone/808-952-6555

thanks, i think that is the place i went last year, too.

as for the setanta pub finder, last year legends wasn't showing the GF even though they were listed. and that other pub is not on this island. is the superferry running again :)


I just called the Eastside grill and the bloke there remembered us from last year and said he would be showing it again. I'll be there with as many yanks as I can muster barracking for the Cats. Make sure you join us for a beer. 




PS. No superferry, they really stuffed that one up.

This is a family friendly site.  Any posts using offensive language will be edited or removed.  I have amended TonyDanzasFace's post.

We're not prudish; but even the mention of some marginal language will get us down-rated by some search engines and banned by some schools.

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