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I noticed on Omnisport's schedule for this weekend that they plan to show only the Fremantle vs. Hawthorn and Sydney vs. Carlton games. Even though ESPN3 is showing the Geelong vs. St. Kilda and the Collingwood vs. Bulldogs games, I would prefer to watch these two games on Omnisport in order to get the full pre-game, halftime and post-game coverage. Please let me know if anyone knows the reason why Omnisport would not be streaming these games. Thanks!

As was the case with the regular season,  Omnisport coverage is only for the games NOT carried by ESPN3.  When ESPN3 distributes games, they are available to US fans (and similarly in Canada with for 48 hours from the start of the match.  These are contractual requirements to make the games available on ESPN3 and protect the rights of Telstra (which are sub-licensed to, a product of Perform, Ltd.)

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

Posted by Danny Jumpertz (not verified) on September 03, 2010

Hi there. Thanks for an excellent resource. I recently relocated to NYC from Aust. and are dead keen to watch the Western Bulldogs progress through the finals. I was particularly keen to watch the WB V Coll game tomorrow morning (USA time). Now I know why I'm finding it so hard! I can't get ESPN.3 (not provided by my ISP). Is there anywhere I can go to watch the game that you know of? Is there any technical workaround? Very frustrated AFL fan!! Also annoyed at AUSSIE SPORT TV or whatever it's called is only available for PCs. Hopeless. Thanks again, Danny

Hi Danny,

Welcome to our site.  We hope it continues to be a good resource for you.

Unfortunately, we do not know of anyplace in NYC (or anywhere in the US) where you can watch the game in 2010 via cable or satellite.  It's simply not available by cable or satellite in the US this year.  We expect the finals in the first 3 weeks to be live on only (GF is live everywhere on ESPN Classic).   (N.B.: Time-Warner cable has concluded a deal to add ESPN3 service for their customers and Bright House cable customers as of last night but we don't know how long it will take for that to be implemented or whether this will help you.)  Radio coverage is free, if that is any consolation.

We don't know of any legal workaround or we'd post it here.  Trust me when I say:  we do not withhold any legal information or alternative for fans.  We have no reason to do so.  We do make sure that what we do provide is confirmed by all parties involved (networks, AFL, cable or satellite companies, etc.) and is legal to do.  We do not post various torrent feeds and other means as they are not legal and further, if we did, the AFL and the various rights holders would refuse to cooperate with us. That would mean, in situations such as the recent problems with Grand Final coverage, we would not be able to effectively lobby the AFL and TV networks.

As for Aussie Sport TV, it is regrettable that they do not see fit to support non-Windows platforms.  While we have heard of rumors of work-arounds for that, even this season, we've not seen anyone post a repeatable process.  This is the ultimately the fault of Telstra and the AFL and we hope that when the current Telstra rights expire at the end of next season, fans get a better deal from 2012. 

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

Danny, you can still get ESPN3 if you pay the fee for the game no matter who your ISP....I found that the six bucks per game I paid to Omnisport was money well spent to see every Swans game this year, apart from the meagre 3 Swans games ESPN3 streamed this year which I could get free as Verizon is my ISP. Either source have excellent quality streams I might add....


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