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Fans unable to see the big game on ESPN Classic & TSN2 or without access to ESPN360 or, have another option. has a high quality stream available online for a price.   Here is the offer as sent to AFANA:

Watch the 2009 Toyota AFL Grand Final Live Online

One final match for St Kilda and Geelong, but only one club will be crowned 2009 Premiers on Saturday! As a fan, you’ll want to catch the Grand Final live and you can with our friends

For just $5.99 enjoy Live Coverage of the Saints vs. the Cats in official high quality stream.

Don’t miss out, click here and watch it all live!   
Grand Final on

(Disclaimer:  AFANA benefits from orders made through the above link and it supports what we do  AFANA is not involved in the production or delivery of this product and cannot guarantee it will work for you.)

Article last changed on Tuesday, September 22, 2009 - 5:49 PM EDT


Here is some feedback on the telecasts.  These are from e-mails AFANA has received and are reprinted without attribution since the contributors did not wish to be contacted by other fans.

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin


This was a response a fan received from Customer Service regarding the Preliminary Final telecast.  The feed started an hour too early and cut off minutes before the end of the match.

"Dear Sir or Madam

We are emailing regarding the Geelong vs Collingwood AFL Grand Final
[sic] Fixture played on the 19th September 2009.

Please accept our apologies for the early finish of the fixture due to the over-running of the fixture, unfortunately we we're unable to extend the broadcasting time to cover the final five minutes of the game.

The funds deducted from the account have now been refunded, you will see the refund on your statement within the next 10 working days.

We can confirm that we have now secured the rights to the AFL Grand Final between St Kilda and Geelong and this will be shown on the 26th September 2009 at 0430 GMT - we have agreed in advance for extended time to be allowed in case of any over running with the event and hope that you choose to try the service again.

Once again, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience that was caused last weekend and we hope that you choose to watch the Grand Final on Omnisport TV for the forthcoming fixture. To purchase the event please select the following URL (deleted). Please ensure that you check any geo-restrictions on the site before purchasing.

Best regards

This was a review of another match:

"OMNISPORT.TV could be the savior for some of us. First up the site reminded me of the old Fox Soccer Channel we used to get our fix on. ALOT of soccer.
So I read the site and it looked good. AFL recommended it to us, so I was hoping this would not be a rip off. And it wasn't. To play it safe I followed all directions. Got an account. checked my game time...... everything was GMT, so I really had to work on that. I knew the game was 3:30am Salt Lake time and the directions on the site asked that you book the game you want at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start. So I did exactly, book the game before I went out to dinner with the Mrs and kids.
Now I must say at this point that we do not get the higher speed offer by our IP, so I thought I may have a few streaming problems. So I woke at about 2:45am, enough time to prepare an EARLY breakfast. Made it to the PC at 3:00am, signed on to OMNISPORT.TV and got my note that the game was ready. The feed was from Channel 10, and the picture was very good quality. In fact I thought I got more than what I bargained for. You do not get ANY COMMERCIALS at all. So when channle 10 went to a commercial, we got to hear and see what was happening "off air' as they prepared for the next segment. There were some buffering problems, but NOT SERIOUS, and I would definitely say the fact I have the slower speed from my IP, I thought the feed was great. I enjoyed the game, and thought this was a real good option for us.
ONE DOWN SIDE, and I believe a little communication could help this. For every event they have a set time. And they STICK TO IT. So with about 5 minutes of game time left, I lost the picture, and the words "This event is over" came onto the screen.  I feel with the right speed connection this would be good and a little communication to Omnisport we could perhaps get them to lengthen the time allow.
If a few of us footy fans really got behind this I believe it could be a hit.... I would definitely pay to see my CATS every week
. "


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