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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago


Charges Laid:

Chance Bateman (HAW), rough conduct against West Coast's Brad Sheppard: assessed as reckless conduct (two points), medium impact (two points) and high contact (two points), equaling six activation points, a Level Three offense, 325 demerits, and a three game suspension. His record of a one game suspension within the past three years increases the penalty 10% to 357.50 demerits. He also has 68.75 demerits held over from the past year, further increasing the penalty to 426.25 demerits and a four game suspension. He accepted, reducing the penalty 25% to 319.50 demerits and a three game suspension with 19.50 demerits held over toward his future record.

Matthew Leuenberger (BRIS), fined $1200 for a first offense of negligent contact with an umpire. He accepted, reducing the fine 25% to $900.

Shane Mumford (SYD), rough conduct against Geelong's Gary Ablett: assessed as reckless conduct (two points), medium impact (two points) and high contact (two points), equaling a Level Three offense, 325 demerits, and a three game suspension. He has no prior record and had he accepted, the penalty would have bee reduced 25% to 243.75 demerits and a two game suspension.

Mumford took his case to the Tribunal in an attempt to have the charge dismissed. He failed on that count, but did manage to have the reckless classification downgraded to negligent. In his defense, he said the tackle laid on Ablett was an attempt to prevent Ablett from getting clear to pass the ball to a teammate. Mumford denied that he had slung Ablett to the ground during the tackle. However, the AFL prosecutor described Mumford's tackle as consisting of two actions - pinning Ablett's arms and then "...rolling and flinging him to the ground." He further stated that Mumford's second action was unnecessary and dangerous. The Tribunal panel agreed and upheld the medium impact classification as well as the primary charge. Due to the conduct charge being downgraded, Mumford is out for only two weeks instead of the full three which would have been the case had the panel not downgraded the classification. The club was considering an appeal but, as of May 12, that had not occurred and Mumford will miss the next two weeks.

Dean Polo (RICH), striking Adelaide's Richard Douglas: assessed as intentional conduct (three points), medium impact (two points) and body contact (one point), equaling six activation points, a Level Three offense, 225 demerits, and a two game suspension. His clean record over the past five years reduces the penalty 25% to 168.25 demerits and he accepted, reducing the penalty a further 25% to 126.56 demerits and a one game suspension with 26.56 demerits held over toward his future record.

Ed. Note: It seems this charge stemmed from a "cheap shot" Polo took during a stoppage, in which he approached Douglas, whose eyes were on the ball at the time, and struck him. Apparently this is not the first time Polo has been involved in a similar incident. According to SEN Radio ( talk show host Mark Fine and several fans who called into his program, Polo did the same thing in a match last season but the umpires did not see it and it was not caught on video tape.

The match day report against Geelong's James Kelly for rough conduct against Sydney's Kieran Jack was reviewed by the Match Review Panel. The MRP determined that Kelly, who came in to contest the ball in a pack situation, was unaware that a free kick had been awarded to Jack and that play had been halted due the free kick being awarded just prior to his arrival at the contest. The MRP determined that, due to Kelly not being aware, his actions were not unreasonable and dismissed the charge.

Source: Patrick Keane, AFL Media Release;; SEN (radio program)

Article last changed on Monday, September 12, 2022 - 5:19 PM EDT

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