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Looking for an AFL Grand Final Party in your area? You can reach all of our listings by clicking on the drop down box at the bottom of this article.  Clicking on the city names above this page will take you a special web page with links to every article we have related to that city including the party page but be sure to scroll down if necessary.

Are you hosting one and would like to promote it?  Once again, AFANA is accepting announcements of Grand Final parties.  If you are hosting a Grand Final party and want AFANA to post it on our site, send the details to us.  If your party was listed for last week and only the time and date change please just e-mail us.  For more substantial changes just re-submit your listing.  Parties we do not hear from will be assumed to not be "replaying" their event.   The page to enter info on your party is here. 

As of 9/30/2010, the Grand Final Replay TV schedule has been updated: US coverage starting at 10 PM EDT on ESPN3; starting at 12 MN EDT on ESPN Classic, and both continuing until 4:00 AM.  Coverage will be joined in progress on ESPN2 at 1:00 AM EDT.  In Canada, coverage will begin at 12:00 MN EDT and continue until 4:00 AM. will also have coverage as will AFANA will post any updates on our TV pages (TV schedules).  

For more details about the party you're interested in, use the contact information provided.  AFANA has no part in organizing the parties and would therefore not be the group you would need to contact regarding party-specific information.

Sponsors of the Grand Final in North America in 2010 include:

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If you don't find a party listed below for your city please stop back again. AFANA receives announcements and posts parties right up to Grand Final time and many announcements are not received until a few days before the Grand Final.  We also suggest that you do the following:

Please note: All times are listed in their respective time zone.  Cities listed more than once have multiple parties so check all links.

Parties in North America

Parties Outside of North America

Article last changed on Friday, October 01, 2010 - 11:47 PM EDT

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