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Location: Cape Coral, FL

Venue: Kyle's Most Amazing Girlfriend's Shack

Directions to the party:
If you are invited, you will know. If you're in WA, Skype!

Date of the event: 09/30/11

Starting time of the event: 9:00 pm

Contact e-mail for the organizers: babygoon14[at)gmail[ dot }com

Party Page URL:

Age Restrictions? No

Additional Information:

In honor of Warrick Proudlove, Kellie will be throwing a small AFL Grand Final party for Kyle Merritt. Friends interested in attending can contact Kellie for more info. Friends in WA are invited to join via Skype (email for the address).

A very close friend of Kyle's, Warrick Proudlove, is a footy player from the Claremont Football Club in WA. He was critically injured in a car accident this summer, and is still fighting in a hospital in Perth, Australia. Kellie would like to use this party as a way to raise awareness for the Proudies Foundation, in his honor, and gather as many prayers, positive thoughts, and donateions as possible from around the world.

Please take a minute to visit the foundation's Facebook page and show your support for Wazz. Thank you!

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