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AFANA Grand Final Party Logo 2018

Location: Osaka, Japan

Venue: Coolabah Sports Cafe

Venue Telephone: +81 90-4299-2202

Directions to the party:
Come out exit 25 Namba Station. Turn around 180 degrees from the direction you exit (opposite way) stay on the left side (west side) of the street. Cross over the river and turn left at the first street over the river (Don Quixote variety goods store on the corner). After turning left, continue walking west for about 200 meters. When you reach the Lawson’s, you’ll see us in the street perpendicular to the street you’re on.

URL of map to the area:

Date of the event: 9/29/18

Starting time of the event: 12:00 Noon

Contact e-mail for the organizers: thecoolabah[at)hotmail[ dot }com

Party Page URL:

Age Restrictions? No. Anyone may attend.

Additional Information:

Come on Down Under to the Coolabah Sports Cafe. We’ve been running the biggest AFL party in Japan for 16 years.

We have meat pies, sausage rolls, pasties, chicken pies, chicken parmigiana, fish & chips, and more. Australian Beer, Australian wine, Bundy rum, and more.

Come in early coz we fill up fast. You can also see further info on our Facebook page at Coolabah Sports Cafe. Hope to see you there. It’s better than Xmas.

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