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AFANA offers two newsletters for footy fans: 

Our Media News and TV Schedules will keep you up to date on where and how to get your footy.  It's available in text and html versions (click here for a sample). 

Our Footy News will fill you in on all of the footy events and results from Down Under (click here for a sample of the content).

Subscribe to one or all of them.  You must press "Update" once for each newsletter you wish to subscribe to and you will receive an initial e-mail message with confirmation instructions by e-mail for each newsletter.  . 

Subscribing is a two step, double opt-in process.  This is done to protect your privacy and prevent unsolicited mail.  The initial e-mail message has a link that you must click on (or cut and paste into your web browser).  You must reply to that first e-mail and activate your subscription as soon as possible.  (We have a time limit on activations to prevent spammers from polluting our lists.) That will confirm your subscription and you will get a second e-mail with your details.  Welcome!

* Please note:
Due to problems with AOL, we no longer accept addresses as subscribers.  Read our notice here: 
Problems with AOL
If you are unsubscribing, you must enter the e-mail address exactly as it is on your newletter including capitalization or your request may fail. 
Earthlink users:  We do NOT reply to challenge / response messages.  If you don't get your initial confirmation message it is because Earthlink has blocked it.  You must add to your "whitelist".
Note:  If your company or office requires "out of office" notices when you are away, please use another e-mail address.  Any "out of office" notice is a bounce.  Three bounces are you are automatically unsubscribed.  No exceptions due to anti-spam policies of most internet providers. 

Media News and TV Schedules
Text Version

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Media News and TV Schedules
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Weekly Footy News (sometimes in 2 parts)
Text Version (only)

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