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2011 Grand Final Parties Around North America and the World

2011 AFL Grand Parties AFANA Logo

Looking for an AFL Grand Final Party in your area? You can reach all of our listings by clicking on the drop down box at the bottom of this article.  (Home page readers need to click on "read more" below this teaser to see the rest of this article and the drop down box of party listings is at the bottom of that page.) Clicking on the city names above this page will take you a special web page with links to every article we have related to that city including the party page but be sure to scroll down if necessary.

Are you hosting one and would like to promote it?  Once again, AFANA is accepting announcements of Grand Final parties.  If you are hosting a Grand Final party and want AFANA to post it on our site, send the details to us  
The page to enter info on your party is here. 

As of 9/26/2011, the Grand Final is live in the USA on ESPN3 from 8:00 PM EDT Sept. 30th with Grand Final day events through to 4:00 AM.  ESPN2 will pick up coverage live and in progress with the pre-game at 12:00 MN EDT 1 October through to 3:30 AM EDT. will also have live coverage. AFANA will post this and any updates on our TV pages (TV schedules).  For Canadian fans, as of 9/29/2011, TSN has added coverage on TSN (not TSN2) joined in progress at 1:30 AM EDT through to 4:00 PM. The full Grand Final will be aired on repeat beginning at 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM.) will have live coverage beginning at 11:30 PM EDT through to 4:00 AM. Canadian fans please see our story here.


2010 Television Coverage for US and Canada Announced

The 2010 season TV coverage for North America is finally becoming clear. For the most part, coverage will not be different than what was the case in August and September of last season. The primary US coverage will be via internet broadband on This is free if your ISP has a deal with ESPN [about 50% of US homes including internet providers Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, RCN, Insight, Frontier, Cavalier, Charter, Mediacom, Conway, Grande Communications, etc. It is also available at no cost to U.S. college students and U.S.-based military personnel via computers connected to on-campus educational networks and on-base military networks].  We will be posting round by round schedules for virtually the entire AFL season shortly. Round 1 will have

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2009 Grand Final Live on ESPN Classic, ESPN360, and TSN2 in North America

(Update 09/21/09: US coverage complete from start of international feed until end of telecast.) ESPN Classic and ESPN360 in the USA and TSN2 in Canada will carry the Grand Final between St. Kilda and Geelong LIVE on Friday night / Saturday morning, September 25th / 26th.  US coverage will begin at 11:30 PM EDT Friday including most pre-match festivities; Coverage will continue until 4:00 AM EDT Saturday concluding after the awards ceremony.   Canadian coverage begins at 12:27 AM EDT and concludes at 3:30 AM on TSN2.  If you have no access to any of the preceding options, the game will be live on Omnisport tv.  The cost for the game on Omnisport is $5.99, and you can signup at this link (link removed, no longer works).  Fans should check our TV Schedule page for details on the coverage and our TV Info page for more information on ESPN Classic, ESPN360, and TSN2.   For those looking for parties, see our listings on our Grand Final Party page.  We have a timeline of Grand Final Day events here.   (Note:  the only live coverage in North America is via these outlets and they are available nationally via cable and satellite services -- see our TV Info page.)

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Grand Final Coverage Bulletin

Do Not Adjust Your Television Set (Here We Go Again!)

(Update: 09/21/09:  This story is no longer being updated.  See here)
(Update: 09/15/09: For our Canadian fans, TSN2 will carry the Grand Final live.)
(Update: 09/14/09: The Grand Final will be live on ESPN Classic and ESPN360. The AFL and ESPN have confirmed this. Coverage will begin just before bouncedown at 12:25 AM EDT and run until 3:30 AM EDT.
We are still awaiting word on TSN for Canada.)
(Update: 09/10/09:  We are in on-going communication with the AFL and monitoring progress on this issue.  We are guardedly optimistic a positive resolution will be found.  However, if things do not move forward very soon AFANA will not hesitate to tell you, the fan, what you can do to help get the Grand Final live.) 
The current ESPN TV schedule shows that ESPN2 will air the AFL Grand Final at 2:00 AM EDT on Saturday, September 26, 2009.  The Grand Final will be edited for a two-hour window and will be delayed two hours.   For Canadians, at present TSN has not committed to any confirmed coverage at all.
We are in constant contact with the AFL about the situation.  The AFL international broadcasting staff in Melbourne is working with ESPN and "pushing for live."  The AFL will keep us posted with updates as they happen on that front.
We will continue to keep AFANA members and footy fans apprised of the situation, so stay tuned. Starting next week, we will provide some ideas as to what all footy fans in North America can and should do (whether it is to lobby ESPN, call local stations, make voodoo dolls, etc.) to see if we can get the a live broadcast of the game.
Thank you for your time.   Back to your regularly scheduled programming...

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Back To The Future: Why AFANA Matters

About three years ago, I wrote an entry on my blog here at on "Why AFANA Is Important Even If You Don't Get The Footy Now".  My argument then, in a nutshell, was this:  If the only time you support what we do is when you are happy with the coverage, we might not be there on the day when you are not.  Or alternately, if you only visit our site when you feel you need us, don't be surprised if we aren't able to help you.

TV Coverage Returns to ESPN and TSN

This article is out of date.  For info good in 2018 go to TV Info.

Begins with Round 19 for USA and Canada

For the first time since 1997, the Australian Football League will be on an ESPN network in North America.  Following the demise of the sport on Setanta, the AFL has struck a deal for live coverage on ESPN360, limited coverage on ESPN2, and for Canada, on TSN and TSN2.  AFANA worked closely

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The ESPN Deal And History

One of the luxuries of being the "Chairman Emeritus" is that I get to help but I'm no longer responsible for the nitty gritty between the AFL, networks, and AFANA on TV issues.  I can also offer my perspective as the "old man" on the block -- the gray haired veteran with (hopefully) sage wisdom.   Now that the details are finally being published on the new AFL contract with ESPN and TSN in North America, I can also talk more freely without jeopardizing contract negotiations. 

Fans are already starting to weigh in and predictably

Television Coverage Q & A

Here are some answers to questions and comments we get frequently here at AFANA.   (9/2015: This page is no longer maintained. It is obsolete. Go here for information.)

If you have a question please let us know by contacting us and if your question seems relevant to others, we may add it here.
  This information in this FAQ has not been fully updated in a long time.  Some old questions are kept for reference purposes. 

1.  I can't find the network or the times Aussie Rules is on the TV!

2.  We got no warning that footy was leaving Fox!

3.  Will Setanta show more than one live game per week?

4.  There are too many commercials on Setanta and all they do is promote their own programs.  They should show interviews and other halftime coverage, too.

Television Info - Aussie Rules TV Coverage for North America in 2022

Australian Rules Football Television Coverage in 2022

We have full schedules at our AFL TV schedules page.
We have weekly radio listings for the AFL at our AFL Radio page

(1/4/22) We added TSN schedules for AFLW today to our TV schedules page. Fox (US) and the AFL have not yet reached an agreement for 2022. (12/20/21) Fox and the AFL are still negotiating the 2022 contract. We expect live coverage of AFLW matches in 2022 to be covered when an agreement is reached. (9/29/21) We thank fans for their support as we wrap up our 26th season. We appreciate your on-going donations and use of our WatchAFL links which are a major source of financial support. WatchAFL 12-month subscriptions are US$165. Please use our subscription link at the bottom left of this page. If you go to WatchAFL via any other site or directly in your browser, we may not get credit for the referral. We will continue to update our TV and radio pages with any "off-season" events and repeats as we get them. 

It goes without saying - we can use more volunteers. We exist because of generous donations from fans (donation link in upper left). We need your support. We now have our radio info available on a Google Calendar - see the radio page for details. Our schedules are free for personal use. Reuse, reposting, etc. on any other media must credit AFANA. Please consider donating (link button above) if you have found our schedules useful. US repeats are only on FSP. WatchAFLcarries every game live and on-demand.  

This page will give you the basic facts you need to know about TV Coverage in the USA, Canada, and Mexico in 2022 and is expected to be largely unchanged from late 2021. Information will be updated as necessary throughout the 2022 season. Coverage in Canada is unchanged from last year, mostly on TSN2 and occasionally other TSN channels.

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