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Is there separate pre-game television coverage of the Grand Final, ANZAC Day, Queens Birthday, and/or Thursday and Friday evening games on the Seven Network and Fox Footy?  I'm certain these games are simulcast on both channels, with Seven being the originating channel.  But it seems I've seen pre-game coverage of Grand Finals from both channels.  I recall seeing Seven (or maybe it was Ten) pre-game programs starting with their morning breakfast program a few years ago on  This year everything pre-Grand Final on Watch AFL originated with Fox.
Posted by admincms on October 09, 2017


Yes, the two networks each have their own pre- and post-game shows. However, WatchAFL takes only the Fox feed because a) WatchAFL is produced by Fox Footy Australia and b) Seven only shares what they are contractually obligated to share. The latter is also why no one outside Australia save for a few lucky souls in Canada and elsewhere get to see Waltzing Matilda and other pre-game events. Seven wants compensated and indemnified against any music rights fees and almost every other broadcaster refuses to do that since they don't have to do so for other international sports events.

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