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From what I can tell after looking on this site is that the AFL finals will be on Setanta Sports in the US but not on Setanta Broadband. Is this correct? The Setanta broadband schedules online are a little unclear on this issue. I just signed up to the boradband chanel for the month based on looking at the Setanta Sports schedule without realising it would be different. Is there any other way to see the matches live?? Else, its just for the radio and then match replays later.


There is no coverage on Setanta Broadband any longer and likely won't be again anytime soon.   There are "broadband" feeds via NexTV and GekTV.  If you subscribe to those services the Setanta Sports channel is fed to you over your broadband service and then can be viewed on your TV or computer with the set top box that the services provide.  You pay the same subscription fee you would with any other means of subscribing to Setanta Sports plus whatever other charges that each may or may not assess you. In this regard, both are similar to the now defunct ITVN service. 

Search via our topical search page for NexTV and GekTV for more info (just scroll down and find those topics and click on them for all related stories).

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The coverage schedule on our TV page is as listed:  live.  So, the coverage starts at 11:30 PM EDT and concludes at 4:00 AM (though that is always subject to minor changes).  We have yet to see the "running sheet" for the day but based on previous years, the actual "bouncedown" will be around 12:30 AM and the final siren sometime around 3:15 AM.  

Do the bars have to physically close at 2:00 AM or just stop serving alcoholic beverages at 2:00?   There are alternatives:  private residences, privately booked venues, etc.  You might also contact Ben, our webmaster (mgoblue on the site -- go to "Search" and search for him, find his user page, send him a message via the contact tab) as he is a long time Michigan resident.  Maybe you can exchange ideas. 

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Posted by Terry (not verified) on September 26, 2008

Is there any way to get AFL Grand Final coverage in Orange County CA. I'm from Perth West Aust, now living in Anaheim & would like to see the Grand Final.

Hi Terry,

Your options are the same as everyone else across North America.   As noted on our front page post, Setanta Sports carries the Grand Final live and they are the only channel to do so in the USA and Canada.  (See our TV pages for schedules and general info.)  At this late stage, your best option is to find a party or a venue which carries Setanta Sports and ask them to put it up for you on a TV OR find a friend with DirecTV or DISH and bribe them to subscribe by paying the first month's subscription fee and maybe a brew or two.  Links to the Setanta Venue Finder are on the TV pages I linked to earlier in this comment and will let you find local establishments which already have Setanta Sports.  If you have a neighbor with a small dish, talk to them.  :wink:

We have links on our party pages (see front page and click thru to the full article for the drop down) to 2 parties in San Diego and 3 in the Los Angeles area depending on how far you want to drive. 

Good luck.

AFANA Chairman and Site Admin

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