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Kayne Turner (file photo/AFANA)

Just after the trade period, several clubs delisted more players due the acquisitions during the trade period and to make more room on their lists for the upcoming draft. Hawthorn, North Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney cleared roster spots for new talent. 

Hawthorn delisted Lachlan Bramble, Fergus Greene, and Ned Long. Bramble, 25 years old, was selected in the 2021 preseason SSP and played 30 games. Long, 20 years old, was picked up in the 2021 rookie draft and played five games. Greene was drafted by the Bulldogs in 2016 and played five games before joining Hawthorn as a delisted free agent in 2022. He played 11 games.

North Melbourne delisted Kayne Turner, Jack Mahony, and Aiden Bonar. Turner was drafted as a rookie in 2014 and played 130 games. Mahoney was drafted in 2019 and played 44 games. Bonar was originally drafted by Greater Western Sydney, where he played six games across two seasons. He joined North Melbourne during the 2019 trade period and played a further 28 games.

James Kelly spoils Rhys Mathieson attack on the ball
Rhys Mathieson (bottom,
file photo/AFANA)

The Brisbane Lions delisted Rhys Mathieson, Blake Coleman, and Darryl McDowell-White Jr. Mathieson, 26 years old, was drafted in 2015 and played 72 games. He did not play any senior games in 2023. Coleman, 21 years old, came out of the Brisbane Academy and was drafted in 2020. The younger brother of Brisbane defender Keidean, he was unable to break into the senior side. McDowell-White Jr, also 26 years old, is the son of former premiership player Darryl. He was drafted in 2022 but could not break into the senior team.

Sydney delisted Will Gould, Ryan Clarke, Hugo Hall-Kahan, Cameron Owen, Lachlan Rankin, and Marc Sheather. It comes after the Swans picked up free agents James Jordon, Joel Hamling, Brodie Grundy, and Taylor Adams during the trade period. Gould was drafted in 2019 and played four games. Clarke was drafted by North Melbourne in 2015 and played 40 games for the Kangaroos, winning a Rising Star nomination in 2016, before being traded to Sydney at the end of 2018. He played 57 games for the Swans.

Streather was drafted from Sydney's Academy in 2021 as a rookie and played three senior games in 2023 before a foot injury ended his season. Hall-Kahan was drafted as a rookie in 2022, Owen was drafted as a rookie in 2023, and Rankin was drafted in 2021. None of the latter three were able to break into the senior team.

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Article last changed on Monday, October 23, 2023 - 11:08 AM EDT

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