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AFL Weekly Preview Round 19 2006

AFL Preview Round 19 Season 2006

Last Week: 5 from 8 – Total 94/144 (65.3%)

After the West Coast game on Friday night I bet you all thought I was a legend tipster. West Coast to win by 39 points amen. Things became a little more difficult after that but apart from the stupidity of the Essendon pick (a selection influenced by the MUG PUNTER) me, and every other tipster, should have tipped 6 – 7 correct. Unfortunately our tipping comp leader did just that so his lead has been extended and with 4 rounds to go any lead over 4 points will be difficult to peg back. There were not many out there who picked the Blues to beat the Dees and assuredly that would have been a better one to put the $100 on than the Bomber fiasco. Mug punter indeed!!

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AFL Weekly Review Round 18 2006

AFL Round 18

by Tim Murphy

At Docklands:

St. Kilda   1.2   3.4   5.10    8.11.59
West Coast  2.5   4.9   7.11   14.14.98

The AFL has a belief folks want to see open, running, high-scoring footy. This game was not any of those, but was gripping all the same. Hard-tackling, high-pressure stuff without an easy disposal to be won. Even goal-kicking was hard. In the end the Weegs’ champion midfield determined the outcome, another superb game from Daniel Kerr leading the way. Sinkilda’s night was made worse in the final minutes when Matt ‘Goose’ Maguire suffered a broken leg. In selection the Sainters replaced Steven Baker, suspended a harsh 2 weeks for biffing Stafford last week, and the dropped Andrew McQualter with juniors James Gwilt and Sam Gilbert. The Weevils had Andrew Embley and Chad Fletcher return, replacing Drew Banfield and Mitch Morton.

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AFL Weekly Preview Round 18 2006

AFL Preview Round 18 Season 2006

Last Week: 6 from 8 – Total 89/136 (65.4%)

Not too bad with the tips last week. On Saturday night I was on top of the world with 5 from 5 then looked at my tips for Sunday and had doubts about the Melbourne game. I had gained a couple of points on the tipping competition leader but noticed he had picked the Kangaroos and Melbourne. Well, without mercilessly self flagellating about it we all know what happened. A dark Sunday that was almost bleakly black as Carlton piled on the goals against the Dockers in the last quarter in what was looking like an Eagles style come-from-behind victory. So the Dorks held up, just, under pressure, while the Cats were bounced on by the Kangaroos and put back into their bag. “Here kitty, kitty.” Result? One from three on Sunday.

Well tipsters, we are at the gnarly end of the season with just the 5 games to go. As usual I have entered umpteen Trips to the AFL Grand Final competitions and no doubt, as usual, I will be watching on the TV along with all of my footy mates. After a few ales we will hotly discuss and wonder why we were born a generation too soon and as a result have sadly missed out on the minimum wage of about $200,000 for an average AFL footballer. In our dotage we conduct tipping competitions and pontificate on the current state of the game. Anyway….this week there are a few opportunities to catch up a point or two on the leaders so if you’re 5 points down don’t despair. Your goal is to gain a point a week. How many upsets do you think we can have at this stage of the season? Dunno, but I’ve put $100 on Essendon top repeat history at a generous price of $3.75. Good luck.

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AFL Weekly Review Round 17 2006

AFL Round 17

by Tim Murphy 

At the MCG:

Collingwood  5.4   11.9   13.14   16.17.113
Hawthorn     0.1    3.1    6.2     11.2.68

 “Another Friday night stinker!” volunteered commentator Commetti at half-time. The AFL and their partners Channel Nine haven’t organized the high-profile broadcast slot very well this year, one-sided blowouts or games between lower-ladder strugglers featuring often. The former here, the Magpoise disposing of the Hawks early before dropping down a gear in the second half. A few team changes for the Pies, Shane Wakelin (hamstring), Dale Thomas (shoulder) and the mercifully dropped Chad Morrison replaced by Williamstown’s own Jason Cloke, Leon Davis and Nick Maxwell, the last back from injury. Nathan Buckley played his 250th game for the Poise (270 overall) amid much hype he’s

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AFL, AFLPA Come To Terms

by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

New Pay Deal


While some of the finer points of the new CBA have yet to be finalized, the biggest hurdle has been overcome with the AFL and AFLPA finally coming to an agreement over player payments for the next five years. Players will now earn an average of $200,000 per year, And it is not just the superstars of the game who will benefit, but the "lower level" players as well as first and second year players.

Over the next five years,

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September Bound Eagles Gather Steam

By Barry Kennedy, AFANA Reporter in Melbourne


St Kilda entered the Telstra Dome on Friday coming off a commanding 103 point belting of Richmond last week. The Eagles had their own cause for optimism even after shocking the football world with a 82 point thrashing of the Adelaide Crows last week. This match like many to come in the next few weeks loomed as a mini Final. For the Eagles this game was big chance to ensure a top two finish and the benefit of two home finals. For the Saints a win was imperative to keep ahead of fellow top four aspirants Sydney, Collingwood and the Western Bulldogs.


The opening quarter was a rugged affair with few gaps to be found and sporadic scoring.

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Crows To Reassess "The Best"

West Coast Stun The Crows

by Tim Stone, reporting for the AFANA @ Subiaco, WA.

A game that saw West Coast go in as underdogs at home for the first time in 2 years, has had bookies reshaping the odds for the premiership as the Eagles blitzed the flag's favourites and ladder leaders in Adelaide by an astounding 82 points at Subiaco Oval.   A game that most supporters in the West had already conceded, turned out to be anything but a write off as West Coast produced the game of the season in the top of the table clash in round 17.

West Coast, who would have lost 2nd place with a defeat,

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Demons Outrun The Dogs

By Barry Kennedy, AFANA Reporter in Melbourne


The MCG has fast emerged as an unhappy venue for the opponents of the relentless Melbourne Football Club in 2006. The Demons have won 8 straight at their spiritual home. On Sunday it was time for the Western Bulldogs to take on the tough Demons. Many thought the Bulldogs' distinct style of game, combining exceptional foot speed and slick foot skills, honed under the roof of the Telstra Dome might be the type of game to stretch the Demons.

That was not how the game panned out.  Melbourne laid the foundations for their day with four of the first five goals. Neitz was at the end of a centering kick from Davey before 250-gamer Adem Yze found the ball on the ground and sent it through. Matthew Whelan and Aaron Davey added others. Davey’s goals are usually pulsating and this was no exception,

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AFL Plans 2007 Schedule

by Lisa Albergo, reporting for AFANA from Chicago

2007 Schedule
With a new software program in place, the league now has the ability to plan a more equitable schedule based on the Round 22 standings and the finals, rather than basing it on team standings as of Round 15. Currently each team faces either three or four teams twice that were in the top eight at the end of Round 15 the previous season. But with the final eight often changing between Rounds 15-22, that has led to situations where some clubs were advantaged or disadvantaged in terms of their draw for the following season.
A case in point was Essendon this season,
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AFL Weekly Preview Round 17 2006

Last Week: 3 from 8 – Total 83/128 (64.8%)

What a disaster last week tipsters. If you followed my tips that is. Mind you, if you’re a Freo or Collingwood supporter you probably did well and if you picked up the HUGE tip about the Carlton versus Essendon game being a draw then you would be a prince among peasants in the office competition! The problem with tipping footy is not only the frustration with the end result but when there’s merely a kick in it for 3 of the games, as there was, you can go from lollies to boogers in the time it takes to deliver a behind the play low blow to an opposition player. With 6 matches to go and 4 points behind the leader there is still a chance although methinks that the best chance just went begging last week. Having said that and then looking at the games this week there are three that will be difficult to pick and of course there is always the upset looming on the horizon.

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