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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

Charges Laid:
Shaun Burgoyne (HAW), rough conduct against Fremantle's Alex Silvagni: assessed as negligent conduct (one point), low impact (one point) and high contact (two points), equaling four activation points, a Level One offense, 125 demerits and a one game suspension. He has a record of three games suspended within the past three years which increases the penalty 30% to 162.50 demerits. Had he accepted, the penalty would have been reduced 25% to 121.88 demerits and a one game suspension with 21.88 demerits held over toward his future record. 

Hawthorn took Burgoyne's case to the Tribunal in an effort to have the charge dismissed. Burgoyne tackled Silvagni and, during the tackle, Silvagni's head hit the ground, causing him to suffer dizziness for several minutes afterward. He was able to finish the game and did not require medical treatment after the match.

Burgoyne's defense was that he was attempting to lay a proper tackle by grabbing Silvagni, pinning his arms and trying to "roll" to one side to bring him down legally. If a player tackles an opponent from behind and lands on his back or forces him forward during the process, it is ruled "in the back" and a free kick is awarded against the tackler. Burgoyne's advocate argued that he should not be penalized for Silvagni hitting his head as it was not deliberate or part of Burgoyne's actions in laying the tackle. He further argued that as Burgoyne attempted to turn himself and Silvagni sideways to execute a legal tackle, Silvagni slipped and the players' legs became tangled. It was this which caused the tackle to go wrong and resulted in Silvagni's head hitting the turf.

The panel agreed and dismissed the charge.

Barry Hall (WB), fined $2600 for a first offense of abusive language toward an umpire. He accepted, reducing the fine 25% to $1950.

Source: Patrick Keane, AFL Media Release,,

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