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(Update; 8/21/21: Links for stream addresses should now work again. Thanks to reader Dean for the assist. Update: 8/21/21: The AFL and Kayo have changed the stream addresses for the audio feeds again. (Must be the 15th time in 15 years!). And they did it late in the season to boot. We'll try to get things working again as soon as we decipher the new system. We'll also update this page along with any future changes for 2021 (Trade radio, etc.). We apologize if the weekly radio station updates have been a bit uneven. We are now making the weekly radio station information available via Google Calendar and highly recommend that - links to it are below. The Google calendar version also has commentators where that is available. Let us know if you notice any broken links.) 

All AFL matches listed are available on and are free, no subscription required. To get to the selection go to the AFL web site approximately 10 to 30 minutes prior to the match start and look for the links to the "Match Centre" where you will find a link to "listen live" to the radio feeds. The feeds are also available on the AFL app for Android and Apple devices. If you want direct links to the feeds and avoid the AFL web site, see below the weekly listing for our own AFANA player links. You may choose the station you want there. Listening requires an HLS compatible browser or standalone software. We will update this each week throughout the season. This information is provided as a service by AFANA. We have no control over the source internet feeds whatsoever. If you have difficulty we encourage you to try Match Centre, try our player, and then use the technical support links provided at the AFL site first before contacting us. We have direct links below the listing which you can use to bypass the AFL site with your own player in most circumstances. (For details on the end of shortwave radio coverage see further down or click here to go directly.)

Internet Radio Schedule for

AFL Finals Grand Final

(Not all radio feeds may be available at the AFL website "Match Centre". Feeds are usually not available at station websites or on station apps during matches. AFL owned smartphone apps typically carry all matches unless otherwise noted. This info is available via Google Calendar at ICS version for Outlook / Android and iCal version for Apple.)

Match Radio Stations
MEL vs. WB  Triple M/3AW/SEN/ABC/AFL Nation/NIRS/K-Rock/6PR


The links below are intended to help those who cannot access the AFL site directly or prefer not to. We have the direct link listed and a link to our own player. These have been tested recently. Not all might work for every match and this is beyond our control. The feeds are all HLS based. Not all standalone devices, but some recent laptop and desktop browsers, most recent smartphones, and some other devices, can handle these stream addresses. Internet radios and any computer program which lets you enter the URL of the web streams directly AND which understands the HLS stream format can use the following links to get to the radio feeds for the AFL. For example, you can add them to TuneIn using the add stream feature of their "My favorites" area. For some browsers, you will need to install "MSE Extensions" or use an external application such as VLC or an HLS extension (as on some versions of Chrome). Additionally, as noted above, all broadcasts can be accessed via the AFL web site at match time and via the AFL smartphone apps. (The links changed again in 2021. We have provided updated addresses with the help of a fan and have updated our own embedded player to handle them. We will further update this page if necessary. - Ed.) 

Direct Links to Game Feeds

Radio Station Direct Link to Launch Match Centre Player Link to AFANA AFL Radio Player
ABC 774 AFANA Player for ABC Radio AFL
ABC Grandstand Digital AFANA Player for Grandstand Digital Radio AFL
SEN AFANA Player for SEN Radio AFL
3AW AFANA Player for 3AW Radio AFL
Triple M Melbourne AFANA Player for Triple M Radio AFL
AFL Nation (AFL Live) AFANA Player for AFL Nation Radio AFL
AFL Nation Extra (Crocmedia Extra) AFANA Player for AFL Nation Extra Radio AFL
K-Rock AFANA Player for K-Rock Radio AFL
6PR Perth AFANA Player for 6PR Radio AFL
Mix 94.5 Perth AFANA Player for Mix 94.5 Radio AFL
FIVEaa Adelaide AFANA Player for FIVEaa Radio AFL
NIRS (National Indigenous Radio Service) AFANA Player for NIRS Radio AFL
Gold Coast FM AFANA Player for Gold Coast FM Radio AFL
Triple M Adelaide AFANA Player for Triple M Adelaide Radio AFL
Triple M Brisbane AFANA Player for Triple M Brisbane Radio AFL
Triple M Sydney AFANA Player for Triple M Sydney Radio AFL
NAB Trade Radio AFANA Player for Crocmedia NAB AFL Trade Radio
(post-season only) (*2021 start date late October)
AFL Noticias en Español (NEMBC) AFANA Player for NEMBC AFL News in Spanish "Jugador de AFANA para NEMBC AFL Noticias en Español"

Information courtesy of the Australian Football League, anonymous contributors, and AFANA.

Shortwave Coverage

ABC management decided that shortwave was outdated technology. As a result, Radio Australia ceased broadcasting on shortwave as of Jan. 31, 2017. Therefore, AFL coverage is no longer available on shortwave radio to audiences anywhere. AFANA joins footy fans across the world in mourning the loss of RA and the great resource it provided for nearly 8 decades. Footy was just a minor service but in the days before high speed internet, a very critical one. For fans in the Pacific region, it was still important. We can only hope it may return someday.

Article last changed on Friday, September 24, 2021 - 6:23 PM EDT


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